The FRAME Architecture Version 4.1

The FRAME Architecture now contains the Cooperative Systems services and applications developed by the COOPERS, CVIS and SAFESPOT FP6 Integrated Projects.  This extension now brings the total number of principal Functional Areas supported by the FRAME Architecture to nine, as shown below. A document containing a brief summary of the contents of each Functional Area can be found in download (500kB pdf file).

The new version can be found in The Browsing Tool, and The Selection Tool has a database that corresponds to it.

The presentation of the User Needs in the Browsing and Selection Tools can be difficult to read en masse, and a so a fully formatted set can be found in download (700kB pdf file) or download (1.4MB doc file). A pictorial version of the structure of the User Needs can be found in download (350kB pdf file).

Please send any comments to info(at)

Those who need to know the precise changes that have been made between V4.0 and V4.1 should also contact info(at)

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