What is a Stakeholder Aspiration?

Stakeholder Aspirations are statements that express the expectations and desires of the various stakeholders for the services that the final ITS implementation will provide. Although they should be written by the stakeholders, experience has shown that they often need help from the architecture team. There are four classes of stakeholder, as follows:

  • Want ITS – this class comprises (local) authorities and road operators who need ITS services to enable their roads to be used safely and efficiently. It also includes public transport operators and freight operators where ITS can enable them to improve the efficiency with which they move people and goods.
  • Use ITS – this class comprises the end users who make use of the ITS services and/or operate the equipment. It includes travellers on a multi-modal journey as well as all classes of vehicle driver; freight shippers; pubic transport mangers and specialist system operators.
  • Rule ITS – this class represents those who provide regulations and standards. It includes national governments and the various Standards making bodies.
  • Make ITS – the class comprises the equipment and system manufacturers, communications providers and the system integrators.
  • Service providers, e.g. travel information and trip planning, may be in one or more of the Want, Use and Make ITS classes.

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