A Terminator is an entity that represents a part of the outside world with which the Framework Architecture interacts through an interface. It may be a person, or a system with which data can be exchanged, or a physical entity from which data can be obtained, such as the atmosphere, or road surface. Terminators provide the definitions of what the Architecture expects the outside world to do so that data can be exchanged. Persons can be End Users such as Travellers, or they may be part of organisations or public authorities that contribute in some way to the provision of ITS services. Systems may also be part of these organisations, or can be another instance of an ITS deployment.

Some Terminators are sub-divided into Actors when a particular sub-set of a Terminator needs to be identified within the Framework Architecture. e.g.


Emergency Vehicle Driver
Freight Vehicle Driver
Hazardous Goods Vehicle Driver
On-Demand Service Driver
Private Driver
Public Transport Driver
Public Transport Touring Vehicle Driver
Trip Planning Driver

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