What is a User Need?

User Needs provide a formalised description of the Services that will be provided through the deployment of the results from the creation of an ITS Architecture. What the Stakeholders themselves want should be expressed in their own words in their Stakeholders’ Aspirations. These Aspirations are then “mapped” to the User Needs so that a particular ITS Architecture can be created from the Framework Architecture. The resulting ITS Architecture is then used to plan the deployment of what is needed to deliver the Services (or aspirations) identified by the Stakeholders.

The User Needs are divided up according to the principal area in which the Services operate. Hence there are User Needs for: traffic management, freight movement, fleet operation, and public transport, plus facilities for electronic payment, law enforcement, security and incident response, links between vehicle and roadside, and traveller assistance.

Most User Needs are served by one or more Functions, and they are used to identify those parts of the FRAME Architecture that will be needed to satisfy the Stakeholders’ Aspirations. However, this matching cannot be exact and the architect must ensure final compleness and consistency (with the assistance of The Selection Tool).

User Needs that have no Functions listed in the Trace Tables relate to physical or communications requirements connected with the provision of the Services.


An example User Need:    The system shall be able to provide information to travellers so as to influence their choice of destination and/or mode of travel, e.g. to protect the environment of a “Point of Interest”, or geographic area.

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