On 7 July 2010 an important instrument for the coordinated implementation of ITS in Europe (Directive 2010/40/EU) was adopted. It aims to accelerate the deployment of innovative transport technologies across Europe, and establish interoperable and seamless ITS services while leaving Member States the freedom to decide which systems to invest in.

Under this Directive the European Commission has to adopt specifications (i.e. functional, technical, organisational or services provisions) to address the compatibility, interoperability and continuity of ITS solutions across the EU. Within the priority areas the following shall constitute priority actions for the development and use of specifications and standards:

(a) the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services;

(b) the provision of EU-wide real-time traffic information services;

(c) data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users;

(d) the harmonised provision for an interoperable EU-wide eCall;

(e) the provision of information services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles;

(f) the provision of reservation services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles.

FRAME Team supports ITS Directive by developing architectural reference models for ITS from the six priority actions. The works have already started and the first examples will cover the following services: National Access Point (NAP), eCall and C-ITS. 

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