These reports contain information that relates to ITS engineering in general, but not explcitly ITS Architecture.

UTMC22 – Framework for the Development and Assessment of Safety-Related (Inter-)Urban Traffic Management Systems (March 2000)

This Framework describes a process to analysis the safety hazards associated with an ITS and to assess their risk; to identify safety requirements that will reduce the risk to an acceptable level; and to demonstrate that the safety requirements have been applied correctly. It brings together the topics of Functional System Safety, Traffic Safety and Human Machine Interaction. The Framework draws heavily on the results of earlier EC funded projects undertaken in the FP2 DRIVE I, FP3 DRIVE II and FP4 EC research programmes, in particular CODE, DRIVE Safely, EMCATT, HINT, HOPES and PASSPORT, and the UK SafeIT project MISRA.

The project that created this Framework was funded by the UK Department for Transport as part of the UTMC programme.

Download (690kB pdf file)

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