How can you use the Organisational View?

The Organisational View is usually a derivative of the Physical View. It is used to show the organisations that will own, and/or operate, and/or maintain the Sub-systems and Modules in the Physical View. This is very useful for highlighting the relationships between different organisations and any conflicts that may arise. It can also be used to look at how data will have to be, or could be, shared between organisations.

An Organisational View usually considers the following specific issues:

  • Each service that can be provided by the functionality in an ITS architecture will be used by somebody or an organisation.
  • Each sub-system and module within the Physical View must be owned and/or managed by an organisation.
  • The relationship between organisations can take one of the following forms:
    • Directional – one (or part of an) organisation has the power to direct, or manage, what another (or other part of an) organisation does and, possibly how it is done, e.g. the organisation managing the road network manages how public transport uses the road network.
    • Long Term Contractual – one organisation is required to perform a defined service for, or on behalf of, another organisation, e.g. a communications provider will provide a service that enables data or information to be communicated from one part of the system to another;
    • Short Term Contractual – one organisation, or individual, pays another organisation for a well-defined service, e.g. the Traveller pays to use Public Transport

Some sub-systems and modules will provide data for others and this can raise organisational issues if the data that is provided is incorrect and/or incomplete. When such a failure occurs, it is important to be able to identify who is responsible for its occurrence, for rectifying it and for preventing it happening again. This may not be obvious if the failure is in an emergent property of a service provided by sub-systems owned by more than one organisation, each supplying part of the total service (see below).

Who owns the System N 1024x812 - How can you use the Organisational View?

On occasions there is a need, or a wish, to impose a particular type of model on the Organisational View. In this situation see How can you plan the Behaviour of an integrated ITS?

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