Why is FRAME a Framework Architecture?

A principal objective for the FRAME Architecture is to promote the deployment of ITS in Europe by producing a framework which would provide a systematic basis for planning ITS implementations, facilitate their integration when multiple systems were to be deployed, and help to ensure inter-operability, including across European borders.

The FRAME Architecture achieves this objective by providing a model of almost all of ITS from which specific sub-sets of integrated ITS can be created in a systematic and common manner. It covers most ITS applications and services that are currently being used, or being considered for implementation, in Europe, and it does not impose any technical or organisational assumptions on the way things are done.

It therefore provides ITS engineers with a common approach, or “language”, for use throughout the EU.

Because the FRAME Architecture is intended for use within the European Union it conforms to the precepts of subsidiarity, and thus does not mandate any physical view or organisational structure on a Member State. It therefore consists of only a set of User Needs for ITS, and a Functional View that satisfies them; the remainder of the views are created when required. Thus the FRAME Architecture is “neutral” and makes no assumptions about the way things are done.

The way in which sub-sets can be created from the FRAME Architecture is described in Creating an ITS Architecture using FRAME.

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