The Elements of the FRAME Architecture Tool

The FRAME Architectur Tool is built up in segments.

The FRAME Toolbox

The Basis and the logical Model is stored in the Toolbox. The Meta Model represents each possible connection from the Toolbox.

The FRAME Repository

The FRAME Repository has a long history and builts up the core of FRAME. IT descrips functionalities of ITS services and the ITS User.

The Reference Architectures

Due to the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU several areas have been defined as priority areas for ITS implementation EU Wide. For these priority areas a common ITS architecture were developed and represented as reference achritecture based on the FRAME logical model and the FRAME Repository. These areas are the National Access Point for Multimodal Service Data, Safty related Data and real time safty data, the eCall technology and C-ITS.


FRAME FAT Schema - Overview

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